Outdoor Fun Activities...


Waterbom Bali ~ Water Theme Park

Set your own pace for a day of fun under the sun or relaxation in the shade; Waterbom Bali is a perfect place for the whole family or for a special getaway. More than 20 world class water-slides and leisure facilities for all ages. Located in the heart of Kuta, Waterbom Bali is literally an oasis surrounded by tropical Bali gardens. Exciting water slides slice through 3.8 hectares of landscaped tropical parks providing hours of fun and entertainment for the young and the young at heart!

Open Daily (except Nyepi): 9.00am to 6.00pm

Price: USD 31 per Adult / USD 21 per Child


Water Sport Fun

Enhance your vacation days with family or friends by trying out some fabulously and exciting water sport activities. Bali Water Sport provides a full comprehensive range of marine sport activities with great challenges, yet exciting and filled with fun. It offers a wide variety of water activities from motorizes till non-motorize, to let's one having an unforgettable experience of fun activities.

  • Jet Ski ~ 15 minutes @ USD 38 per pax
  • Banana Boat ~ 15 minutes @ USD 25 per pax
  • Glass Bottom Boat, Snorkeling, Turtle Island ~ 3 hours @ USD 70 per pax
  • Fly Fish ~ 2x Fly @ USD 44 per pax
  • Parasailing ~  1 Round @ USD 31 per pax
  • Water Skiing ~ 15 mintues @ USD 38 per pax
  • Big Marble ~ 15 mintues @ USD 38 per pax
  • Water Board ~ 15 mintues @ USD 38 per pax
  • Dolphin Tour ~ 4 hours @ USD 96 per pax
  • Coral Fishing ~ 4 hours @ USD 109 per pax
  • Trawling Fishing ~ 4 hours @ USD 122 per pax
  • Mambo Duo ~ 15 mintues @ USD 38 per pax

Price include:
- Transfer go and back  - Welcome drink  - Lunch

*Further discount will be given for more than 3 pax


White Water Rafting

We have one of the BEST White Water Rafting activity in Bali (graded between 3 and 4)! The whole journey is about 16km long which require about 2.5hrs to conquer it. Even though it is an extreme water-sport activity, along the route you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery. Together with the beautiful panorama & extreme current of Telaga Waja river, Karangasem...In certain area of Telaga Waja river, you will get water splash from the water fall, and also you will get time to have a break in the middle of the rafting trip. During your Bali white water rafting trip, we are sure you will be amaze, excited and terrified by the scenery and rapids of Telaga Waja River. You will definitely fall in love with it.

Price: USD 88 (Usual Price)
Please contact us for more detail to get a great deal!



Bali is one of the top best surf sport, which owns specific characteristic type of waves that makes itself known as one of the best places for a holiday by surfers all over the world. From beginner to intermediate of all ages that challenge, experience the sea and having fun through this great adventure sport. Beside that, Bali also has many good surf school for short lesson during your stay. There are surf boards and boogie boards available for rent in every surfing spot. Therefore as a beginner, you do not have to worry about how start surfing, as Bali provided everything for beginner to professional surfer.

Price: Please contact us for more detail


Canyon Tubing Adventure

Fancy for an extreme sport in Bali, to discover a hidden Canyon by floating on your own inflatable tube! Canyon Tubing Adventure, brings you closer to the un-spoiled nature of Bali! Drift down towards the exciting stream and spot out many different species of plants and animals along the way down the canyon.

Price: USD 69 per Adult / USD 49 per Child

  • Air conditioned transport service
  • Safety-approved equipment
  • Professional river guides
  • Lunch
  • Use of towels and shower facilities
  • USD 100,000 insurance cover


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Sea Walker

Have you ever dream of walking on the ocean floor of Bali with the ease to breath underneath the ocean while surrounded by numerous of exotic fishes and sea creatures? Bali Seawalker ~ a safe and exciting underwater adventure, equip with an unique helmet as diving system providing opportunity to observe the underwater world up to a depth of 15 feet without any certification or getting your hair wet.

Price: USD 89 (Usual Price)
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Scuba Diving

Bali is renowned amongst the best dive destinations in the world. It is situated in the centre of the "coral triangle" which has the largest variety of marine-life anywhere in the world. One of the greatest features of diving in Bali, is the Deep drop-offs and steep banks, coral ridges and bommies, one of the famous wreck in the world, volcanic outcrops and seagrass beds are all part of the underwater tapestry. The strong currents create a fantastic visibility and also some regular visit from large & unusual pelagic fish like mola mola, manta and etc.

Price: Please contact us for more detail


Swimming with Dolphins

Experience 2 different types of swimming encounter with dolphins - swimming with them in ocean with net or swimming with them in a pool. Its a 45mins interaction experience for either one encounter. Both are located at Benoa Harbour which is 25mins from kuta. Please note that for both experiences require at least 1 month advance booking.

Price: USD 89 per Adult  USD 79 per Child



Try taking this extraordinary challenge against your courage with this extreme activity during your vacation in Bali, beside laying or strolling restless on the beach. Canyoning is an ultimate outdoor adventure and sport which require using... a variety of techniques such as caving, walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling, sliding down natural slope and swimming in white water. It is suitable for everyone from the age of 8 to 65 yrs old with good health. Come get involve with this true extreme and unique wild adventure now!

Price: USD 69 per Adult / USD 49 per Child

  • Air conditioned transport service
  • Safety-approved equipment
  • Professional river guides
  • Lunch
  • Use of towels and shower facilities
  • USD 100,000 insurance cover

Please contact us for great deal!


ATV Quad Bike/Buggy Ride

Treat and test your courage and adrenaline in the four quad bike while enjoying the panorama of the countryside in the village Taro. Accompanied by professional local guide and about more than 2,5 hour on a ATV ( the powerful of road machine ) you can explore and discover an amazing country side of Taro villages. The journey passes through rice paddy, villages, plantations.  Riding on either ATV or Buggy ride allows you to experience the most stunning countryside of Bali and excitement of speeding on muddy, rocky soil and etc.

Price: USD 84 (Usual Price)
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Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo is the first and only dedicated zoological park in Bali. Since 2002 with more than 350 exotic animals which including rare and endangered species such as the Sumatran Elephant, Sumatran Tiger, Orangutan, Sun Bear and Binturong. Its beautifully landscaped & shaded garden paths will lead you through the park to various ‘hands on’ animal encounter sessions where you are allowed to feed, pet and take photos with number of the zoo inhabitants.

Price: Please contact us for more detail and to get discount due to different packages


Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali Safari & Marine Park one of the leading family attraction and adventure in Bali. It is a home of hundreds amazing animals with more than 60 species featuring Sumatrapan elephant, Sumatran tiger, white tiger, leopard, komodo dragon and cheetah, living in a combining Balinese cultural ambience with African Savannah.

Jungle Hopper Package inclusive of
  • Fresh Water Aquarium
  • Animal Educational Show
  • Elephant Educational Show
  • Bali Agung Show
  • Safari Journery
  • Fun Zone
  • Water Park
Price: USD 49 per Adult / USD 39 per Child

Tiger Package inclusive of
  • Fresh Water Aquarium
  • Animal Educational Show
  • Elephant Educational Show
  • Bali Agung Show
  • Safari Journery
  • Fun Photo
  • Lunch at Uma Resturant
  • Fun Zone
  • Water Park
Price: USD 69 per Adult / USD 59 per Child

Leopard Package inclusive of
  • Fresh Water Aquarium
  • Animal Educational Show
  • Elephant Educational Show
  • Bali Agung Show
  • Safari Journery
  • Elephant or Camel Ride
  • Animal Photo
  • Lunch at Uma Resturant
  • Fun Zone
  • Water Park
  • Welcome Drink
  • Souvenir
Price: USD 99 per Adult / USD 85 per Child

Rhino Package
inclusive of
  • Fresh Water Aquarium
  • Animal Educational Show
  • Elephant Educational Show
  • Bali Agung Show
  • Safari Journery
  • Elephant Back Safari
  • Animal Photo
  • Lunch or Dinner at Tsavo Lion Resturant
  • Fun Zone
  • Water Park
  • Welcome Drink
  • Souvenir

Price: USD 134 per Adult / USD 109 per Child

Please contact us for a great deal!


Bali Bird Park

Entering a fascinating world largest and finest collection of Indonesian birds together with some fantastic birds from Africa & South America. Join in this adventure journey to experience the original Jungle birds of Bali or encounter the world's rarest bird, the Bali Starling.

Price: USD 23.50 per Adult / USD 11.75 per Child


Bali Butterfly Park

Seeking and would like to wander into a relaxing and stress free environment, Bali Butterflies Park (Taman Kupu Kupu) is one of the extraordinary destination to visit in Bali. It is one of the biggest butterfly parks in Southeast Asia, over a thousand species of butterflies from throughout Indonesia fly freely to the park. Among of them are famous species of the world such as Spectacular Bird Wing Butterfly (Ornithoptera and Troides) Swallow tails and great mormon( Papilio).

Price: Please contact us for more detail


Elephant Ride

Would you like to have an awesome ride? Riding on an elephant through Taro forest, getting close up & personal with these incredible animals via beautiful tropical park setting on Elephant Safari, is one of the must activities when you visit Bali during your vacations.

THE EXPLORER FULL TREK (include lunch)
Be prepare to see more of the real Bali from high up on your Sumatran elephant! Pass through tropical plantation of mango, jackfruit, durian, coffee, bamboo and coconut. Look out for birds as you pass through the jungle and see how other animals such as pigs, cows and buffaloes play a part in the daily life of farmers and their families as you enter the small local village of Buangga. Pass by the village and withness daily life far away from the tourist areas. A highlight on the trip is to be invited into the home of a local farmer where you will enjoy a drink of fresh coconut. This is such a unique and enjoyable trek as you look down at glimpses of the river and trek through unspoilt rice paddies on your return to the camp. You and your elephant become a part of the real balinese experience. When you return to the camp enjoy a delicious western or Balinese three course menu at the, 'Trunk'n'Mahout' valley-view cafe and relax in the idyllic surroundings.

USD 103 (Adult)  USD 66 (Child)  USD 32 (Infant)
USD 304 (Family of 2 Adult and 2 children)

Entrance Fee:
USD 17 (Adult)  USD 14 (Child)  USD 14 (Infant)
USD 56 (Family of 2 Adult and 2 children)

If you want to become friend with a great sumatran elephant. then try our shorter Adventure Trek! You get to experience the beautiful landscape of our camp as well venturing  out for a trek along the edge of the valley...The view are incredible, so bring your camera! You may also get to see tropical birds in their natural habitat. Look  down at the raging Ayung River and discover how much fun riding an elephant can be. Our elephant will also show you his/her pool as s/he wades through the water to cool off from the hot sun. Feel free to relax and enjoy lunch at the 'Trunk'n'Mahout' cafe at the end of the trek and enjoy the stunning valley scenery.

USD 68 (Adult)  USD 41 (Child)  USD 23 (Infant)
USD 196 (Family of 2 Adult and 2 Children)

Please contact us to get this great deal!


Horse Ride

Experience a mystic ride to explore the beauty of Yeh Gangga Beach, traditional village and rice terrace. Horse riding in Bali allows you to visit these scenic Balinese culture!

Price: USD 60 per Adult / USD 55 per Child

- Light Refreshment and Soft Drink
- Insurance and Transfer
- International Standard Riding Equipment


Bali Treetop Adventure Park

Want to have a close touch with the greenery nature, beside going to the sunny beach in Bali? Bali Treetop Adventure Park allows you to have this chance to get closer and is a fun activity set which suitable for family and group with all ages up to 70 years old. There are different obstacles to waiting for challenge, overcome and at the same time you can also view the beautiful forest scenery and lake.

Price: Please contact us for more detail


Trekking ~ Volcano

Yearning for Adventure & Exercise at the same time? We have this special Bali Trekking Idea for you! Volcano Sunrise in "Mount Batur" or the challenging climb of 3000 metres at "Mount Agung". The route is somewhat green and forestry, giving a fresh and cool feeling.

Price: Mt Batur USD 80 per pax / Mt Agung USD 110 per pax

Min. 2 person



Cycling @ Kintamani
Cycling to Kintamani is very exciting, first we leave for hotel at the same time, and prepare transport company available is ready to pick up bringing us to Kintamani.

Arriving in Kintamani we can have a breakfast while enjoying drinking coffee and looking around the beautiful landscapes of Batur Mountain in the mornings. Thereafter, we directly start on cycling.

On the way to cycling, we can see and learn much more about the experience of traditional Balinese lifestyle which most of the traditions has never changed from past goes up this moment.

You would be find the process of cultivating or harvesting the rice around the field on cycling, stop cycling five or ten minutes, we can take a picture of something then keep on  cycling through villa and beautiful rice field with  cold air surround there. Finish in Ubud, we can have a lunch directly in the restaurant prepared by the company.

Price: USD 65 per pax

- Air conditioned hotel transfer
- Lunch
- All safety equipment
- Morning tea or coffee
- Insurance cover


VW Safari

Fulll Day of Fun - 100% Adventure!
Enjoy a day full of fun and adventure like nothing else! Get picked up in Bali’s coolest mode of transport – the VW Safari. Cruise through the rice paddies and sleepy villages of Bali with the roof down and the wind rushing through your hair! Stop at the Saba Bay Stables for a horse ride along the volcanic sands and crashing waves of Saba beach. After this it’s off to the lush Ayung valley for an unforgettable white water rafting adventure down 12km of incredible rapids set in tropical jungle scenery. After lunch overlooking the hills of Ubud head to the World Heritage Site of Jatiluweh – the world’s most beautiful rice paddies – where you will wind through the most beautiful views on earth.

USD 156 (Adult) / USD 114 (Child)
USD 486 (Family of 2 Adults and 2 Children)

Climb into a VW Safari, Bali's coolest mode of transport, for a wind-in-your-hair joyride through some of the most beautiful scenery on earth and full day of adventure in the Balinese highlands. 

Your open-top ride ends at the highest navigable point of the sacred Ayung River, where you embank on a thrilling six-kilometer run through Class Four rapids. 

This stage of your adventure ends at the Bali Elephant Camp, where you shower and enjoy lunch before a mahout appears to guide you on your next adventure: an elephant-borne tour of the lush landscape on the banks of the Ayung. Your day ends with a late-afternoon drive through verdant rice fields back to your hotels.

USD 176 (Adult) / USD 135 (Child)
USD 534 (Family of 2 adults and 2 children)


4WD Jeep Adventure Tour

A fun adventure suitable for the entire family, an extremely adventures for challengers. 4WD Jeep Adventure Tour ~ an exciting land cruise adventure taking you to the off beaten track to explore & discover the real and most exotic ...inner part of Bali. Providing off-road thrilling excitement as trekking through muddy road, step terrain’s remote territory, rice field and etc...

Price: Please contact us for more information



Bali has some of the most stunning coastline in Asia. Imagine yourself flying like an eagle, soaring up high above the coastline for some breathtaking view of coastal scenery. In this beautiful & enchanting island, Come and Experience the thrill of flying ~ Paragliding in Bali, a safe and easy experience.

Price: Please contact us for more information


Bali Paint Ball

Looking for the ultimate excitement and adventure sport where enhancing your leadership qualities and boost self confidence in Bali? Bali Paint Ball, the right game activity that suits both needs. Pit your wits against your friend or other team, dodging bullets and avoiding incoming missiles and etc..

Price: USD 55 per pax

  • Entrance fee
  • Complete equipment (mask, semiautomatic paint gum, uniform and head & neck protector)
  • 5 games
  • 150 paintball ammo
  • Mineral water, light meal and 1 soft drink
  • Facilities including lobby, individual locker and changing room
  • Media entertainment (DVD, CD TV)
  • Insurance coverage


Odyssey Submarine Bali

Would like to explore the deep sea without getting yourself wet or dive into it? Odyssey Submarine, the one and only submarine in South East Asia, is definitely your best choice to explore the pristine Bali underwater. You will be able to see the fantasy of rarely visited reefs & wide variety colored marine creatures in our famous Bali dive site.

  • Submarine USD 85/pax
  • Submarine + Scuba Diving or Watersport USD 120/pax
  • Submarine + Fish Feeding + Watersport  USD 150/pax
  • Children 5-12 years old USD 60/pax

All prices including Barbeque Lunch


Day Cruise

Relaxation during vacation is what every traveler would yearn for. Our Day Cruise activity would be one of your best choice to go with. Enjoy the beauty and natural panorama of Nusa Penida & Nusa Lembongan Islands. We have 3 different types of Cruises to choose from ~ Bali Hai Cruise, Bounty Cruises, Bali Fun Ship and Quicksilver Cruise.

  • Reef Cruise ~ USD 98 (Adult) / USD 49 (Child) / Family  USD 279 (2 adults, 3 children)
  • Beach Club Cruise ~ USD 100 (Adult) / USD 50 (Child) / Family USD 280 (2 adults, 3 children)
  • Aristocat Cruise ~ USD 105 (Adult) / USD 70 (Child)
  • Three Island Day Cruise ~ USD 95 (Adult) / USD 63 (Child)
  • Dolphin Cruise ~ USD 60 (Adult) / USD 40 (Child)

  • USD 95 (Adult) / USD 47.50 (Child)

  • USD 98 (Adult) / USD 49 (Child)

  • Lembongan Island Day Cruise USD 88 (Adult) / USD 44 (Child)
  • Relax Cruise USD 78 (Adult) / USD 39 (Child)

All Cruises include:
  • Air-conditioned hotel transfers
  • Return transfers to Lembongan Island aboard the luxurious catamaran Bali Hai II
  • Morning/afternoon tea and snacks
  • International Buffet Lunch
  • Semi Submersible Coral Viewer
  • Village excursion
  • Unlimited banana boat rides
  • Snorkeling equipment and instruction
  • 35m Water Slide
  • Diving Board
  • Locker

Please contact us for great deals!


Cooking Class

Indulge yourself on a culinary adventure to discover the secrets of authentic Balinese cuisine. Learn the techniques and familiar with the use of fresh herbs, spices and traditional ingredients that would make the food look delightful and taste tasty!

Balinese Food:
  1. Sayur urab
  2. Tempe manis
  3. Bali sate lilit
  4. Perkedel
  5. Nasi goreng
  6. Opor ayam

  1. Lawar
  2. Tum
  3. Babi kecap
  4. Urutan
  5. Sate isi
  6. Jukud ares

Price:USD 56 per pax

  • Air conditioned transfer
  • Welcome drink
  • Book of recipe
  • All the food that you make on the class
  • One mineral water
  • 30 mintues visit to traditional market

Please contact us for great deal!


* All price quote above are subject to changes.
Please contact us directly to find out more or special deal!
Standard exchange rate is USD 1 = IDR 10,000